Cuniberti will be there !

Barbara Cuniberti, ECVAA resident in Anaesthesia at the University College of Dublin, speaker at 8th congresso ISVRABarbara Cuniberti (University College, Dublin) will be a speaker at 8th ISVRA Congress in Riccione.

Barbara has already been a speker at ISVRA events in the past. At the moment she lives in Dublin, as she is enrolled in an ECVAA residency programme at the University College.

She is very good knowledge and skills in TIVA-TCI, as she has been running target controlled infusions in most of her anaesthesia patients for years. At the moment, one of the Barbara’s main clinical research field is haemodynamics in the anaesthetised patient.

Barbara will lecture about: arterial blood pressure, cardiac output and perfusion; haemodynamic monitoring in anaesthesia; and how to get a standard residency programme in veterinary anaesthesia.