AN13 - Haemodynamics and anaesthesia

Join us in Zola Predosa (Bologna) for AN13 (the 3rd module of the 1st level anaesthesia course), 11th to 13th of October. The event will be about haemodynamics for anaesthetists, including basic physiology of the cardiovascular system and haemodynamic effects of anaesthetics.

Topics: the cardiac cycle, cardiac output, arterial pressure and organ perfusion, haemodynamic effects of common anaesthetic drugs. Specific sessions will provide knowledge and skills in ECG and Arterial Blood Pressure monitoring in the anaesthetized patient. Hands on session with clinical cases included.

More details in the ISVRA CPD calendar (pages 7- 15, 20 and 23): find it in the ‘Formal CPD’ menu. To register fill ‘Registration form’ (interactive PDF) and send it by e-mail.

Registration deadline: 14th of September.

Arterial pressure trends during anaesthesia