AN23: segmental epidural anaesthesia made safe and effective

Segmental epidural anaesthesia was introduced in veterinary medicine by ISVRA in 2000. AN23 (the 3rd module of the 2nd level anaesthesia course) will deal with ‘segmental epidural anaesthesia’ and in actual fact it provides the best knowledge on the topic.

Join us and learn how to perform a safe and effective epidural block using minimal doses, so that only the nerve roots supplying the surgical area and only the modalities that require to be anesthetized are affected.

The programme will include: relevant anatomy, materials (i.e. needles, catheters, LOR syringes, etc.), correct LOR technique, drug selection, and decision making. A cadaver session will allow participants to practice the Dogliotti’s approach to the epidural space. Finally, an hands-on session will be devoted to management of clinical patients undergoing surgery under epidural anaesthesia.

The course will be held in Zola Predosa (Bologna) from 13th to 15th of October. More details in the ISVRA CPD calendar (pages 7- 15, 24 and 27) available in the ‘Main menu > Formal CPD > download CPD calendar’. To register fill the ‘Registration form’ (interactive PDF) and send it by e-mail.

Registration deadline: 16th of September

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